Personal Coaching Programs for YOU

    This program is designed for running and/or triathlon for ALL ability levels with a one-one-one customized approach. Programs start with a minimum of an 8 week commitment. We design these programs to fit the individual needs, abilities, aspirations, and goals. These programs are built around any strengths or limitations the athlete may have and continue to adapt as the athletes needs/abilities change.

    Minimum of 12 week commitment programs:
         1. Running programs
         2. Triathlon (sprint/Olympic distance)
         3. Triathlon (Half Iron/Ironman distance)

         - Initial consultation, goals defined, and program development
         - Unlimited email and phone communication
         - 4 week blocks of training programs provided with flexibility to modify as needs         change
         - Equipment selection assistance
         - Nutritional guidance
         - Heart Rate Zone training
         - Power Zone training
         - RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) training
         - Annual periodization scheduling
         - Race day strategy - including nutrition, pacing, and logistics
         - Strength Training

Distance Running
Distance running customized programs (5k-Marathon) - (12 week minimum commitment)
Triathlon - Sprint/Olympic
Triathlon Sprint and Olympic customized programs - (12 week minimum commitment)
Triathlon - Half/Full Ironman
Triathlon Half/Full Ironman customized programs - (12 week minimum commitment)
Individual Sessions
For those that prefer just a few individual coaching sessions to work on specific tasks, we offer 1 on 1 sessions to use how you see fit. Possible sessions could be for nutrition, swim, bike, run, equipment, or race day strategy. - $50/each - 60 minute sessions


Why Choose C4 Endurance?

No Limits Coaching!

  • Goal Definition
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Customized Training Schedule
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • HR/Power/RPE Zone Training
  • Annual Periodization
  • Race day Strategy
  • Pacing Strategy
  • Strength Training