About C4 Endurance Coaching

We feel to be successful as an athlete and a coach, the relationship has to be built on a solid communication plan and strong trust with one other. All too often athletes look for help, end up with a cookie cutter training plan that does not reflect their lifestyle, abilities, desires, or even time commitment availability. Our coach is there to educate, inspire, motivate, and guide the athlete to succeed. Each workout session will have its own goal to help drive you to success. We believe in quality over quantity even though each will have their own place in a training program. 

Our coaching is based upon extensive experience in triathlon and running with a proven track record of improved performance. It's very easy to add too much volume as an athlete and our goal is to prevent you from becoming frustrated, burnt out, injured, or over trained. Our one-on-one coaching services are for those athletes who take their racing as seriously as we do. Find a coach that will meet your individual needs, that is whole heartedly invested in your success, and that you can build a long term relationship. Successful athletes are built over long periods of time and it is our belief that short cuts will only short change your results and your personal gratification on race day. If you feel we can help you race to your potential, please contact us and let's start working towards success today.

Our Values
Our clients goals, time, and abilities are of the utmost importance to us in helping define the perfect training program. Watching our clients see how hard work pays off is directly correlated to proper training and leading a healthy lifestyle. We are driven to help each one of you succeed in your goals, let us prove to you that we can.


Why Choose C4 Endurance?

No Limits Coaching!

  • Goal Definition
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Customized Training Schedule
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • HR/Power/RPE Zone Training
  • Annual Periodization
  • Race day Strategy
  • Pacing Strategy
  • Strength Training